Natural Solutions for Common Pet Problems: Bad Breath

Every day customers come into Petagogy looking for solutions to their pet’s maladies. Some are finicky eaters, others suffer from separation anxiety or have dry, itchy skin. Just like humans, different pets will require different solutions. Each week we will be posting a different common complaint and highlight the various solutions Petagogy can offer you and your pet.

This week’s issue: bad breath

Many times, bad breath is caused by plaque and tarter, which can also lead to more serious problems like gum erosion and bacterial infections. These infections can cause tooth and bone decay, leading to more serious health issues. It’s best to help control plaque and tarter before it builds up. There are several non-invasive, toothbrush-free dental products that can help prevent plaque build up, as well as remove any existing plaque and tarter.

Raw bones and chews––One of the best ways to keep your dog’s teeth healthy is by regularly giving him things to chew on like raw meaty bones, rawhide, or sweet potato rawhide replacements made by Primal, Wholesome Hide and Snook’s Sweet Potato Chews respectively. Regular chewing helps polish and scrape teeth as the dog crunches and gnaws.

PlaqueOff––PlaqueOff’s seaweed formula is clinically proven to reduce, help control and prevent plaque, tarter and bad breath in dogs and cats. The granulated formula can be easily added to your pet’s food daily.

Grin Daily Treats––These easy-to-digest treats contain premium natural ingredients–– chlorophyll, anise, green tea and FOS––to improve your dog’s health by supporting fresher breath, tartar control and healthy digestion.

PetzLife––When used daily, the all-natural ingredients in PetzLife Oral Care Gel or Spray safely remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Tropiclean––Tropiclean gel, dental chews and water additive help give dogs and cats fresh breath and clean teeth without the hassle of brushing.

Bowser Breath­­––Made with a blend of breath-freshening herbs and a mushroom extract, Bowser Breath works by reducing levels of potentially harmful chemicals that may be contributing to your companion’s bad breath, while adding a minty odor to his mouth.

These solutions are not meant to be substitutes for proper veterinary care; you should always speak with and follow your vet’s instructions if your pet is having a serious or chronic issue.